Gaston de Broughton "Riley"



Fletcher de Broughton


It’s been one year since my daughter and I drove to Annandale to pick up Fletcher. I wanted to let you know that he has exceeded our expectations, not only in the field but as a house pet as well.

Since our first official foray into the field in November, Fletch has displayed an unbelievable work ethic, running for hours at desired range without a break in pace. Amazing. He is a rock star in all manner of cover and returns on command without fail. And as soon as he got a nose for Pheasant, his point has come along beautifully. As an amateur hunter myself, I am thrilled to own such a naturally gifted bird dog.

Our entire family loves Fletch, and my wife is even able to look past a few dog hairs. Steve, thanks for breeding such a fine animal and taking so much time to answer my question over the past twelve months.

Enclosed find a couple of pics of my older sons with birds hunted over Fletch.


Bill McDonnell



Frenchesca de Broughton

My wife and I have been very pleased with our experience of acquiring
our dog Frenchesca through the Broughtons. At only 10 months,
Frenchesca demonstrates a natural ability to hunt with great intensity
and to find and point birds. She retrieves grouse naturally and she
is not afraid to chase down crippled rooster pheasants that are almost
as big as she is. She is tenacious in the field and loving in our
home. This is a great breed from great bloodlines bred by thoughtful
and caring breeders.

Best wishes,


Fausti de Broughton

Fausti "Bodee" training is going well and he learns VERY quickly- natural
retriever, picks up on hand-signals, and LOVES water. His energy is
boundless, but he is also a great family dog (that's where he earned the
nickname "Bear"). He has quite the personality, ranging from a serious
hunting dog to a very silly 8-month old puppy. Every place we have taken
him, he has been a conversation piece. People are impressed with demeanor
and taken by his coloring- we are proud to teach people about this great
breed of dog.

Todd and Sandi


Eloise de Broughton

I wanted to give you an update on how the puppy we got from you last year is doing. She has gone through her first hunting season. And done very well. She has had a great instinct for birds from her first time out. She is my first pointer and I was worried about what I would have to teach her so I worked with a trainer. We taught her the basic commands of come, whoa, hup and that is about it. She knew what to do from there.

She was never gun shy, or scared of birds. I was afraid that she would be timid because of her sex, but nothing can be further from the truth. When it comes to birds she is as confident and bold as any dog out there.

At home we could not ask for a better dog. I'm sure you don't remember, but you told us she loved people and was the first one to come when she heard people. Well that has continued, she loves people. She has turned into the sweetest dog ever. My wife was not excited about a new dog coming. Now I am sure she would get rid of me before the dog. My daughter and her are best friends.

I have attached some pictures of her. Most were taken last weekend at a preserve hunt. Once again I want to say what an outstanding dog she is in both the home and field. I believe that comes from solid breeding.


David Garlow



Fielder de Broughton

Hi Steve!

Been a while since we last touched bases, but had to give you an update on how Mackinac (registered name is Fielder) is doing. Have been working with him on my own, working on basic commands and taking him out to a pheasant farm where I bought a membership this year. Took him out on planted birds a couple times so far and on our last trip, Mack just blew me away! Pointed planted birds on scent (from as much as 40 feet away), whoa'd on command stone still and remained steady to wing. Never flinched at all at the sound of the gun, I don't think he even notices it. He was just all business and seemed like a total natural. We eventually went into some real tall grass to chase some birds and while Mack was in way over his head, you couldn't convince him of that. He had a ball, pointing at scent trails along the way and bounding to and fro through the tall grass with all his might. For a 5-1/2 month old pup, I just couldn't be more happy! He has settled into the house well and his vet says he is growing and developing just perfectly. Thanks for everything Steve. Can't wait to see him continue to grow and develop.

Best Regards,

Jim and Heidi Flamming


Fyuree de Broughton

Steve & Cristin,

Hi we thought we would just give you a quick update on Fyuree. Her orange really came out in her face and spots on legs. She is doing great in her training and we are very impressed with her natural instinct to hunt. We have had her out hunting 3 times now, twice to hunting preserves and once looking for wild grouse. The first time out was a trip to a hunting preserve to get her around birds and to get her used to the gun. She enjoyed finding the planted birds and scaring them up and I don’t even think she knew the gun was there she was having so much fun. Towards the end of that trip she was pointing birds and waiting for me to kick them up. The second trip was out for wild grouse, we never found any birds but it wasn’t for a lack of trying, she did find feathers and droppings though. Today we went back to a hunting preserve so I knew she would see birds. The owner planted 10 birds in three different strips of CRP before we arrived. Fyuree found all 10 birds and pointed 9 of them, we were very impressed. She also has no problem retrieving birds and most of the time dropping them at our feet. We hope to get her out plenty more this year.

Thank you for the great puppy!

Nathan & Jessica


TAN Diego de Broughton

Dealing with Steve and Cristin was a pleasure. They invited us right into their home and kennel. They answered all of our questions and offered a lot of very useful advice. They are wonderful to do business with. On top of all that, they produce outstanding Epagneul Bretons from supreme quality, imported dogs. Thanks for everything you have done for us, we will continue to do business with you in the future. We recommend their kennel to anyone looking for a high quality Breton.

Todd & Kaylen Lehner

Limit out Kennels

Ogalla, NE



Fievel de Broughton "Gunner"



Ebony de Broughton

While we waiting for our second dog from you in the same amount of years I have to tell you how happy we are with Ebony. As you know I got her at 6 months and started with you. (great job) She had the beginning whoa and was a natural retriever. With help of a local with knowledge of Brittany's she on her way to being the best hunting dog I have ever had . At 13 months I can hunt and not raise my voice beyond normal talk. She is gun steady and wont release until I say so. What a pleasure hunting behind a trained dog. Thanks again

Dave Harrison


TAN Eclair de Broughton

2010 USA National 2nd place

Hi Steve,

We're back from an extended dog show, hunting trip to Montana. Clair made quite a splash in the Breton world! She started by earning her TAN the first try. The French judge, following Jeff and Clair in the field, was shouting "superb" as she finished. It was a very exciting time and she did a beautiful job. We have a certificate for her TAN.

Jeff put her through the conformation evaluation and they checked every detail. The judges said she was excellent. We got so much attention with her...many, many comments as to what a beautiful dog she is. Then, several people that we had met there strongly encouraged us to put her in the dog show. We've never done this before and we were stumblebums our first time! The judges eliminated all but four of nine entries, then worked at lining them up. At one point Clair was first, but then they moved another dog up and Clair got a big red ribbon! At the end of this particular group, the judges said the winners should have puppies as it would help fill them out, broaden their chests and enhance their form.

Thanks very much for your help with this, Steve. We look forward to hearing from you. And, once again, thank you for such a wonderful dog. We love her.

Jeff and Donna Miller


Encre de Broughton

Dear Steve & Cristin,

Thank you for all that you have done for us in bringing Encre into our family. As first time hunting dog owners, you have made the entire process easy and exciting for all of us. We greatly appreciated your willingness to let us visit your kennel/home to meet you and Encre’s parents. You didn’t hesitate to let us see for ourselves Bako and Victoria in the field! You were also very responsive to all our questions prior to making a reservation, during the breeding, and even now after we’ve had Encre home for four months. As Encre comes upon the six month mark, we are enjoying her love of the kids and her growing confidence and potential as a hunting dog. We are looking forward to getting her involved in more GNEBGDC training events, training opportunities with you, and seeing her in action this fall!

Trent & Karyn Luger



AKC JH Dakota de Broughton and AKC JH Danika de Broughton

Hey Steve; I will mail out deposit and forms for my third French Brittany “I’m Crazy I know”. I’ve attached pics of Dakota and Danika for you to see. Both quality dogs at home and field. Your breeding speaks for itself when people observe these two work a field, on point,holding,and retrieving. Ohio hunting is all farm raised birds however during a grouse hunt in Grand Rapids MN, they where exceptional on a very tough bird to harvest. Both girls hunted 4-6 hours a stint displaying their stamina for such a little dog. French Brittany’s are a perfect fit me. Dakota is laid back and very meticulous while Danika is high energy wanting to be first for everything. Finally the young couple in one of the pics is my son and girlfriend who has been converted from an anti-hunter to the good side one of those birds was her first.

Thanks Greg Hobbs


Dalila de Broughton "Tessey"

Dear Steve and Cristin:

Here are a couple of pictures of Tessey -- she is no longer much lighter than
the others in the litter.

She's lost none of her spirit; is wintering well; runs like a son of a gun in
the back yard and in the park.

She's met all the dogs in the neighborhood - all are male -- at least two are in
love with her. She's been pinned once (good one -- taught her well) but still
plays with whomever will have her.

She is a bit on the muscular side -- she has access to food all the time

Hope all is well with all of you and the brothers and sisters of our little one.

Diane, Al and Tessey

Kitimat, British Columbia


Daphne de Broughton


Laura and I plan a hunt with the trainer in Mid March. He is most vocal about her ability, willingness, and birdy ways. She is extremely willing and birdy. By the way, she has more facial expressions than most any dog I've ever been around, and that's a lot of dogs. Down in Cajun French Louisiana, we'd have to say "C'est la vie, Cher, that's the French Heritage." Best regards, and thank you for sharing a wonderful, yet sometimes frustrating pup, that will be a great companion and hunter.

-Witter Family-



Duchess de Broughton


Duchess is doing great. She is growing fast and loves to hunt! She's got the best nose of any dog I've ever had... and the the fastest wagging hinder.

-Carlson Family-



We appreciate that you took the time to show us Honey working in the field. You have trained her well. And, she is a beautiful dog. Honey seems to be adjusting to her new home. She has been sleeping in Conors room. It is obvious that you have treated her well and that she comes from a good home.

Dear Broughtons,
Honey is a wonderful dog. She sleeps with me every night. I enjoy going hunting with her, and she has already pointed many birds. We have gone grouse, and pheasant hunting.
She enjoys being with the other dogs. My friend has a French Brittany that is black and white. His dog is learning from Honey. They get along well together. We look forward to hunting together for many years to come. Thank you for letting Honey become a part of our family.
Your friend,
Conor Rude

- Al & Conor Rude-

2 year old started dog



Emma is really a joy to have around. First, she just cracks me up. She is so smart and a quick study but she already knows how to twist me around her little paw. She wants to point every bird that comes into the yard and has just started paying attention to the geese that fly over the house every day.

-Eimerman family-

2 year old started dog



Hey Steve, Glad to say Dakota doing very well both in health and her training. Fact is she makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

-Greg H.-



Broughtons were wonderful to work with, and we were very pleased with the cleanliness of their setup. Our dog is extremely interested in birds, and has done very well at dog training classes. It doesn't take him long to learn...he is extremely eager to please and smart. We highly recommend Broughton's Brittanys!!

-Shelly & Brad-



Dear Broughton's,
Hope this finds you well and happy. We are REALLY enjoying our little Molly. She is going to test hopefully out of level 2 tonight and go to level 3 at dog training school. She knows how to sit with a hand command, verbally and how to sit from a down. She knows how to lay down from a hand signal, hold for attention for 10 seconds, walk next to me for up to 10 steps, come across the room when called and the hardest for her to learn was the hand shake. She has that perfect now. It has been so much fun. As you can tell she gets little attention!?haha! Hope you get to see her sometime!

-Linda C.-



We couldn't be happier with Derby or our experience with the Broughtons. Derby at only 6 months has amazing hunting instincts and is also great in our home. She is very playful but gentle with our two kids. We often receive compliments on her appearance and behavior. We were very impressed with the whelping room the Broughtons have for the pups and we appreciated all their extra efforts in keeping the pups in such a clean environment. They are great people to work with and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a great French Brittany pup.

-Zwack Family-



Her name is "Constance du Belle" in french it means Steadfast the Beautiful, we just call her Belle cause shes such a beauty. She went to her first puppy class and was the star. Best behaved and never made a peep. She can sit, stay, lay down, come when called, and is pretty good at fetching. She is everthing we were looking for and more. Thankyou so much for all the work and attention you gave her it is paying off in spades!!




Just wanted to give you an update on puppy Murray. He has grown a ton he now weighs 18 # and is doing great! Loves the lake and especially playing with his cousin Kobe a sheltie. We get tons of compliments on how cute he is. We start beginner puppy classes the end of July.

Dray doesn't hunt Murray but we walk him where pheasants nest and he has a big time sneaking up on them. His other past time is hunting the wild cats that roam in our backyard. He is mesmerized by them. It's hilarious! He is a very smart dog.

-Dray and Belinda Darnell-


Steve & Cristin Broughton