Elevage de Keranlouan

The Keranlouan Kennel has been producing Epagneul Bretons for over 50 years. Since then over 150 Champions of work were achevied the most of any Kennel. Owner Patrick Morin is a specialist producing and training the best hunting Bretons in the world. Field introduction starts at 7 weeks of age and by 4 months are aggressively hunting and pointing birds with no formal training, all NATURAL!!! We are very fortunate to bring his exceptional bloodlines to the United States to serve as a solid foundation for our program.

We accompanied Patrick Morin for 3 days at his kennel and in the field, training and discussing the Breton and techniques he has been using for the past 3 decades. Patrick trains 6-7 days a week 10-12 hours a day about 50 dogs a day!!

Thank you Patrick.


From left to right

Alain Picot (trainer), Steve Broughton, Patrick Morin, Cristin Broughton


Reproducer Af de Keranlouan



Keranlouan pups 4 month olds



Keranlouan Kennels






Puppy house



Keranlouan pups 7 Week olds



Patrick Morin with Dichan de Keranlouan



Reproducer Alpha De Keranlouan



Deep water retrieve is a must at the Keranlouan



Keranlouan 7 week olds intro to water



Some of Keranlouan acheivements



Dichan and Cosby de Keranlouan



4 month old Keranlouan pup on Point


Video of 4 month old Keranlouan pup



Steve & Cristin Broughton